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1. What is a Licensed Public Adjuster?
A Public Adjuster or a Public Insurance Adjuster is an expert on loss adjustment and the recovery process, who is employed by the policyholder. The Public Adjuster assists you, the insured, in preparing, filing and managing the payment of insurance claims regarding property loss. They work on your behalf.

2. What will a Global Public Adjuster (GPA) expert do for me that an insurance company adjuster won’t?
Insurance companies have insurance adjusters that work for THEM and represents their interests, but our adjusters work for YOU. We have dedicated ourselves to understanding insurance company policies, rules and lingo and are committed to protecting our clients from the stress and demands of BIG insurance companies.

- We will come and inspect your damage, determine the coverage that applies to your claim by itemizing, detailing and validating all damages.
- We are trained to catch things in your estimate that others might miss.
- We file your claim and work directly with the insurance company on your behalf and our attention to every detail will ensure that you receive the compensation you’re entitled to according to your insurance policy.

3. Is there a fee to have a public adjuster inspect your property?
We do not charge for damage inspections. This service is FREE. We are only paid, if you receive compensation from your insurance claim.

4. How long will it take a GPA adjuster to get to me to inspect my damage?
We guarantee that a licensed, professional GPA adjuster will come out to inspect your property within 24-48 hours of your request, and sometimes even sooner. Being local makes it easier for us to get to you!

5. How long will it take after the inspection for me to get compensated for damage by the insurance company?
Losses are always time-sensitive, but the process and pace of insurance company payments vary, so we cannot guarantee timing of compensation. However, CONTACTING GPA AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE will make a huge difference in how quickly you receive your claim payment. It is in everyone’s interest that we all move quickly in making this happen!

6. What if I’m looking to re-open a claim or file a supplemental claim for business interruption or other damages? Can GPA help?
Absolutely! Just leave these complicated claims processes to the experts at GPA. We have the experience and know how to get these types of claims handled for you efficiently and quickly.

7. What if my claim is denied or underpaid? Do I have to accept it?
No. Most policies include your right to have an appraisal, and if necessary the right to litigation. In any case, DO NOT SIGN ANY WAIVER for the insurance company.

8. Why do I need help with the claim?
There are several reasons why you may want to consider obtaining help with your claim:
Filing a claim requires a written, itemized statement of your losses. You may not realize what the extent of your coverage is, and the insurance company is not obligated to tell you. The Public Adjuster will help you identify everything to which you’re entitled.
Filing a claim is a tedious, time-consuming and an aggravating process. The Public Adjuster can take this burden off your shoulders and free you to do what you do best.
The Public Adjuster has experience and knowledge which can help your position. The professionally licensed Public Adjuster is recognized and respected by the insurance companies.

9. Will employing a Public Adjuster anger the Insurance Company and thus cause problems or delays?
On the contrary, your GPA adjuster will likely help expedite the solutions and your settlement, if there are any problems or delays in your claim.  We will handle claim discussions with the insurer with mutual respect and professionalism. However, if an insurer does not want you to hire a Public Adjuster, that insurer can’t possibly have your best interest in mind. You can always bring such matters to the attention of the State Department of Insurance.

10. Is the Public Adjuster affiliated with any insurance company? Do they sell insurance or act as an insurance agent?
No, no and no. your GPA adjuster is employed exclusively by you, the policyholder. Selling insurance or acting as an insurance agent would be a conflict of interest.

11. How is a Public Adjuster compensated?
By a small percent of your insurer’s claims payments that are made to you. Our fees are usually more than covered by a successful claim payment that is obtained for you.

12. How Do I hire GPA?
Phone or email us 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.