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    This hidden disaster often strikes when we least expect it. Ceiling and roof leaks aren’t always detectable. In a roof leak situation, water can travel through several layers such as wood sheeting, trusses, insulation etc. This can lead to wood decay, mold and structural damage. Our state-of-the-art infrared cameras & moisture monitor detectors will help us detect and document your damages, so you will get a larger compensation quicker. Below are a few examples of the types of possible water leaks. Drywall damage Stains in ceiling Shingles damage
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    Water damage from an AC leak is a common occurrence for homeowners in the southern regions of the US. Having an air conditioning leak can result in water damage to other parts of the house, as water will travel the path of least resistance. Properly investigating and identifying all water damage caused by an air conditioning leak will provide the evidence needed to file your claim, along with photographs/videos of the damage. Air Conditioning leaks can be caused by many different issues, such as cracked or rusted drain lines, frozen evaporator coils and clogged drain lines, etc. Contact Global Public Adjusters today at (407) 900-5025 for the following types of leaks: Condensation line backup, Air conditioner freezing
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    Water damage in the kitchen can cause minor or severe damage. What you may think is a minor leak could actually have created major damage beneath the surface. GPA will use state- of-the-art infrared cameras that will help determine the extent of the damage and not the simple apparent cosmetic damages the insurance company’s adjuster may consider. Here are a few possible types of water damage that can cause you to have to file a claim: Kitchen leak Broken Drain Lines Broken Supply lines Broken angle Stop Faucet leak Garbage disposal leak Refrigerator water line leak Dishwasher leak
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    Water damage originating in the bathroom can be very costly. Water damage can create mold and affect items such as bathroom cabinetry, walls and drywall, insulation, tile flooring, tile base and other interior finishes, just to name a few. Being that there are many plumbing components in the bathroom, a leak can occur due to multiple reasons. The following types of leaks can occur in your bathroom: Broken pipe in bathroom Broken shower diverter Faucet leak Toilet leak Shower Pan Leak Sewer Backup/ Overflow Leak
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    A water heater leak can quickly turn into a big problem. Even a small amount of water can cause damage to your floors, sub-floors and walls. A leaking water heater can be a health concern as well, since damp and wet areas can sprout mold that causes allergic reactions and asthma in some individuals.
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    If you live in Florida and your home or commercial property was built before 1975, there is a good chance that it contains a cast iron plumbing system. Cast iron pipes corrode and deteriorate over time. Pipe deterioration can lead to water damage and property damage, your insurance company could deny coverage, claiming wear and tear or might accept the claim and the settlement amount will be very low.
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    Flooding can happen to any Central Florida homeowner, whether by natural disaster, a water heater flood in your basement, a nasty thunderstorm or burst water main on your street. When faced with flood damage, homeowners look to their insurance companies for relief. Often, they do not get the help they need. The tricky thing about flood damage is that it can often affect structures but be unseen. Consider these potential damages: Structural damage to homes through weakened support members Electrical damage and risks of electrocution from live wires in water Sharp, submerged objects like broken glass, metal shards, ceramic chips and more Sanitary hazards from grey or black water Mold and mildew formation on walls, floors, soft materials, and even within walls Ruined appliances Destroyed food stocks Unsafe living conditions

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    Hurricanes and severe storms and the damages they cause aren’t new to us in Central Florida. Unfortunately, when you see a dilapidated business or home following a hurricane, you also see evidence of a broken insurance claim process. The role of a public adjuster is to increase the amount of money received in an insurance settlement by demonstrating the extent of damage done by the hurricane. Hurricanes and storms can cause excessive damage, including: Water damage Wind damage — Windows, doors, interiors Structural damage — Walls, foundations, and roof Systems damage — HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems
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    The size and intensity of fires and smoke can vary greatly, and so can the destruction and damage caused by them. So, with this type of damage, insurers often try to lower their claim payout. Global Public Adjusters is your ally when confronting your insurer with the true cost of fire or smoke damage to your property. The following types of fire and smoke damage can occur: • Even with a small, localized kitchen fire, flames and/or smoke can reach far across your home to leave unpleasant odors and unsafe electrical wiring in the walls of your home. • A larger structure fire can get into your roof and sweep across, weakening rafters far away from the fire’s source. • A hidden electrical fire in a wall can cause a lot of invisible damage. Without the careful scrutiny of your agent from GPA, you may never know the true extent of the fire damage to your home.
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    Hail damage is not new to our region and can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs. A few examples of hail damage can be shingle damage, roof leaks, damage to siding, windows and HVAC system. Having the assistance of an experienced and qualified public adjuster will get you a larger settlement for your hail damage claim. Let GPA assess how much damage this natural disaster has caused to your residential or commercial property.
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    It rains in Florida often. Constant downpours followed by heat from the sun’s rays can add stress to a roof. In a hurricane-prone setting, your roof can also fall victim to heavy wind. If your roof leak is caused by the elements or weather, you may have a case for your insurance company. Many insurance companies cover “acts of God,” but don’t cover normal wear and tear. Let GPA determine the cause and manage your claim.
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    Having your home or business broken into, vandalized and robbed leaves is the worst kind of damage. It leaves you feeling exposed and helpless. Let GPA help give your feeling of control back with a quick assessment and speedy payout to replace those things of value and restore you back to normalcy.
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    Just to hear the word mold makes most of us cringe, and where there is water damage, mold usually follows. Mold damage can harm or destroy contents in your home from clothing to furniture, and worst, mold affects your structure’s usability or habitability. Let Global Public Adjusters simplify your insurance claim and recovery for mold damage in your home, business or investment property.
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    The worst thing that can happen to a business is for an interruption to occur. Interruptions mean loss. If you have a loss of income insurance policy, any loss of business may be covered, if your business property is damaged enough to prevent normal operation. Not all claims are covered. For instance, if your business property is damaged in a hailstorm or fire, you may be covered under your policy, but if the damage were due to a flood, your loss of business income policy probably wouldn’t apply, even if the damage itself is covered. If your business is interrupted, your loss of business income policy WILL cover: The amount of net income you would have made during that time The cost of normal expenses, such as rent The cost of payroll, if your employees are still working for you during the interruption of business The expense of moving your business to a temporary location.
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    Sinkholes and Florida are often used interchangeably and can often be an insurance challenge. If your home sinks or has shifted due to what you believe may be due to a sink hole, call us TODAY! We can help.
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    If your previously filed claim was denied or you didn’t get compensated fairly. That doesn’t have to be the end of the road. Most policies include your right to have an appraisal, and if necessary, the right to litigation. In any case, DO NOT SIGN ANY WAIVER for the insurance company. Call Global Public Adjusters right away.

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