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Safety is always top priority. Damages can create a dangerous environment. If the area is unsafe please call the appropriate authorities, such as the Fire Department or Police department. If mitigation is necessary GPA will connect you with our network of professional experts including mold inspectors and water restoration companies just to name a few.

Claim Inspection and Assessment:
Call GPA to have a full inspection and assessment at no cost to you. We will assess and document all damages in detail and find the source of the damage.

Our public adjusters are very knowledgeable in insurance policy lingo and will determine the the coverage limits and exclusions of your insurance policy. GPA will review the most important pages of your policy - The DICE Pages         

        *Declaration page
        *Insuring Agreement page
        *Conditions page
        *Exclusions page

GPA will discuss with you, your loss and coverage with you and a formal agreement is executed.  Affidavits (which will give GPA authorization to speak with your insurance company) and all other necessary documents are obtained, including photographs and/or video of the damage. We prepare an estimate and file the claim.  We handle everything from beginning to end.

 The Insurance company will have their own adjuster come out take photographs and write out their report, just as we did for you but they do not have your best interest in mind, they represent the insurance company. Which is why it is beneficial for you to have GPA on your side.

Settlement and Payment: When you receive the first payment of your settlement, be on alert for any documents that you may be asked to sign, as you may be signing your rights away, such as filing supplemental claims in case of an unsatisfactory payment. Payment does not mean your claim is complete and final.  

Supplemental Claims: Just because you have received payment does not necessarily mean you have to settle. If your payment is unsatisfactory for the damages suffered, let us reopen your claim and request additional compensation.  

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